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Latest News With Aiden James in May

Posted by: Aiden James

Greetings to all!

As we approach mid-year, I thought it would be a great time to deliver an update on where things stand in my little corner of the publishing universe.

You may remember that I forecasted a very busy year ahead in 2013, when I delivered my Christmas update. Indeed, this year has been quite busy. In February, J.R. Rain and I released our highly anticipated follow-up to "Temple of the Jaguar", "Treasure of the Deep". Both books continue to ride a wave of popularity, and in fact, we are anticipating the release of the third installment, "Pyramid of the Gods" in August this year. Also, Michelle Wright and I have embarked on our journey into the past lives of Judas Iscariot—long before he was William Barrow, and when he favored the name Emmanuel Ortiz. Our first installment, "Murder in Whitechapel" was released in March to some fanfare and has garnered a steady following. A following persistent in their request for 'the next book'. As a result, we are working on that next book in The Judas Reflections, and we anticipate having it ready for release by the end of June. Look for one other installment (book 3) in this promising series to be released toward the holidays. Truly, working with Michelle has been quite delightful, and as with J.R., I look forward to many more collaborations to follow in the coming years.

In the meantime, I have begun work in earnest on "The Dragon Coin" - the fourth installment of The Judas Chronicles. I am quite excited about this book, that will take William and Roderick to Montenegro to resolve a longstanding 'war' with an old menace—one as reviled as Viktor Kaslow, but much, much older…and famous in paranormal circles. I should have this one polished and released by July 15th.

Speaking of polish, the first three books in The Judas Chronicles have been streamlined extensively. Think of what PX90 workouts do for a flabby tummy, and you'll have some idea what has happened to Plague, Reign, and Destiny of Coins. For those who have already purchased any of the three books, feel free to email me - either here or at - and I will gladly send you the PDF files for the revised versions.

The rest of the year figures to be busy with new releases. In addition to the next Nick Caine Adventure with J.R. Rain, and the next two Judas Reflections installments with Michelle Wright, I will have several additional coauthored books coming out via Curiosity Quills Press. Although I don't have the exact schedule yet, and titles may change prior to release, here is what we have coming from now until November:

  1. The Acuator, with James Wymore. I might have the title misspelled, but this is a fun reality bender of an adventure—something new and different. James is one of four talented authors from Curiosity Quills that I have the honor and privilege to work with. His imagination draws from the same bizarre neighborhood you'll often find me tinkering in.
  2. The Serendipitous Curse of Solomon Brandt, with Lisa Collicutt. The first tale in a series that's dear to my heart, since it explores the deeper meaning of good versus evil, and it takes place in the part of the Deep South I love most: Savannah, Ga. Lisa's touches have taken this story to heights I could not reach on my own.
  3. Hurakan's Chalice, with Mike Robinson. This tale is the long awaited third installment for The Talisman Chronicles, told from the perspective of Jack Kenney. This should prove to be a welcome addition for fans of the series, and Mike—who is a HUGE fan of the first two books—is adding his own flavor to this as well. Incidentally, the first two books are also getting re-edited and cleaned up, and will be re-released under Curiosity Quills Press this summer.
  4. The third installment to the Cades Cove series. Untitled as yet, I am working with a bright new talent named Richard Roberts. From the initial outline and chapters for this one, I know I'm going to love the finished product…and hope fans of this series will, too. ***Word of warning, it will be as different from book 3 as book 2 is a departure from book 1. Some readers loved that aspect, while others…not so much.

There are other books coming as well, but the ones mentioned above are the ones far enough along in development to include here. As with every success, however, comes some measure of disappointment. Last year, my Ghosthunters 101 was the casualty of choices that had to be made in order to remain viable in this business. As you all know, the book biz - regardless of whether we are talking print or digital - ebbs and flows depending on what readers want to explore. The trends in paranormal fiction are moving away from vampires, as other immortal and supernatural beings have drawn this audience's collective interest. As a result, at least for now, the Dying of the Dark Vampires series will stop at three books. The hiatus may prove temporary, depending on where things stand this time next year. Unfortunately, the plans to publish Scarlet Legacy of the Vampires have been canceled for 2013.

Well…that's all for now. My next update will be coming to you from an old historic antebellum home that truly belongs to a ghost. One that has been there for more than a century and has (so far) graciously agreed to share their magnificent home with Fiona and me. More about that when I bring everyone up to date in late summer. Until then, take care, my friends - I appreciate you ALL more than you know!